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The third best score since the League of three points

The Real Madrid, with 39 points in the first 16 days of the League, leads the standings with 8 point advantage on Sevilla, with one game less, and 9 on Betis, in addition to taking 10 from Atleti (which has a pending game) and 16 from Barça (with a pending appointment also to catch up).

The Whites, with only one defeat, are the team of the Big Five Liga with less games lost, tied with Liverpool, Inter and PSG. And with 39 points they sign their third best score in the last 26 years, that is, since the system of three points for victory, implemented in the 1996-97 season, was imposed in Spain.

Only twice had the whites exceeded this bar. It was in the 2010-11 and 2011-12 seasons. In the first he established his record with 41 points (13 wins, two draws and one loss), which would not be worth in the end to be champion and that in fact gave him the second place on matchday 16 that he would end up occupying, 4 behind Barça, champion with 96 points.

And the following year, with 40 points on matchday 16 (13 draws, one draw and two defeats), he was the leader and would end up being champion with 100 points, 9 above Barça, second classified.

It will be necessary to see if in the remainder of the championship the whites are capable of following this rate of victories, if it will be worth them to sing the alirón and if, if such continuity occurs, they can reach or even exceed the 100-point ribbon.

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