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The sunset of Isco, by Juan Carlos Rivero

Isco Alarcón he warmed up for the Los Cármenes band when his team had the game on track, until he got fed up and stopped. Ancelotti he saw it and reacted by accelerating a change that he had planned for later. Then he lowered the tension and explained naturally that seeing that Isco He stopped the warm-up, he chose to give it input. The coach applied trade before the rebellious exercise of a footballer of his, which was not an obstacle to maintaining his opinion. Days later, already in the Champions League, Isco he did not take part in a match that Madrid was winning 0-3 in the 55th minute. He did not have a single opportunity in any of the five changes made by his coach.

Isco He has won 4 Champions, 2 leagues, 1 cup, 2 Spanish Super Cups and 4 Club World Cups with Madrid. It must be very hard for a 29-year-old to feel that he has become an anecdote. That not even disobeying an order from his coach has he removed any soil. In June 2019 he played his last game with the national team. Since then it has not returned to enter a call.

It is not easy to find the reasons behind the decline of a footballer. Everyone around can look for a justification, a prejudice or an invention. Deep down, only the interested party knows what has happened so that Solari will send him to the stands, Zidane and Ancelotti to the bench and Luis Enrique to watch the games on television. The normal thing in this situation is to think that the world is a sea of ​​injustice. The hardest thing is to look in the mirror and recognize the reflection. So either you accept it or you rebel, that’s the question.

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