The shield does not stain

Given the controversial institutional moments that the FC Barcelona for him ‘Negreira case‘ and the widespread accusations against the Barça club, which seem to want to stain the sporting achievements achieved by the Barça entity in recent years, since Sports world we ask ourselves the following questions:

Does anyone think he barca of Messi won thanks to the referees?

Can anyone say that barca of Ronaldinhoto which the Bernabeu applauded, was it a fraud?

The six titles of the barca of guardiola were they not deserved?

He barca of Luis Enrique and the trident MessiSuarezneymar won thanks to arbitration aid?

why to barca They took away a league in 2014, in the last game, for a non-existent offside?

Does the 2 to 6 in the Santiago Bernabeuis he also under suspicion?

The 5 to 0 to Madrid of Mourinho wasn’t it fair?

The shield does not stain.

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