The salvageable difference that separates City and Barça for Ferran Torres

The FC Barcelona works hard to strengthen its workforce in the winter market. In this sense, it is obvious that Xavi Hernandez wants players with imbalance and auction and that Ferran torres (21) is his favorite. In fact, the football director, Mateu alemany, and the CEO of the club, Ferrran Reverter, visited the Manchester City offices to find out first-hand if the English club was open to selling its young player and, if so, how much it would be willing to transfer him for.

The conclusion of the trip was that the City He does not close to selling Ferran but he asks for a lot of money, especially if one takes into account that in the summer of 2020 he signed him for 23 million fixed and another 12 that he could pay depending on the fulfillment of certain variables. In this sense, as sources familiar with the details of the negotiation have confirmed to MD, the Manchester City wants 60 million by the Valencian forward, an amount that they consider to be market given the talent and youth of Ferran.

In parallel, these same sources point out that, at the moment, the FC Barcelona I would be willing to pay some 45 millions by the City forward. In this context, and according to sources in the negotiation, the good thing is that the gap between what Manchester City is asking for and what Barça offers is not considered insurmountable or unreasonable. In other words, both the player and the Barça club see it as possible to reach an agreement with City, whenever Ferran and FC Barcelona already have an agreement in principle based on a five-year relationship and amounts according to the economy of the culé entity.

It is true that 15 million is not a small amount but also that Barça and the player will continue to fight so that City can lower their claims somewhat. And if that happens, both the Barça club and the player will make an effort to be able to reach an agreement in the more than 50 days that remain until the winter market closes, which will open on January 1 until the end of the month. .

In any case, Ferran He is very excited about joining Barça and is very positive in this regard. In fact, he already went face to face with Pep Guardiola, asking him to leave in the direction of the Camp Nou, a demand to which the Catalan coach was sympathetic, although he made it contingent on an agreement between clubs. MD already explained that the priority of Xavi is to sign a winger and that his favorites are Ferran torres and Dani Olmo.

Economic fair play is needed

Another important part is that Barça needs ‘fair play’. That is, in order to enroll Ferran it will be necessary for footballers to come out to reduce the wage bill or for there to be income in the form of new sponsors that increase the amount that can be allocated to salaries.

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