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The risk Ancelotti and Alaba took

The player was injured in the first half of the game against the Sheriff, but continued to play

Alaba and Militao


David praise he worries at Real Madrid for his knee sprain. An injury that the Austrian did in the game against the Sheriff and that forced him to withdraw from the field.

The big question is if Alaba and Ancelotti They risked too much and what was a blow ended in a sprain. Yes, because Alaba was injured in the 11th minute of the match in Tiraspol. The Austrian hit his knee with a Sheriff’s player, but continued playing without asking for a change or showing signs of pain.

But it was. After the break, Praise He jumped onto the grass with a bandage on his knee that had been hit and for which he had to request the change after a jump in a defensive action. The center-back threw himself to the ground and entered Nacho instead. What was originally knee discomfort turned into a sprain, as Carlo Ancelotti revealed after the game.

Now the big question is why did he take to the field Praise after the break when Real Madrid were already winning 0-2. A risky decision of the player and Ancelotti qIt will be necessary to see if it will be expensive or not.

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