The renewal of Dembélé would have an extra prize for Barça

The sports area of FC Barcelona continues to work to achieve one of its most complicated but at the same time more deserving objectives if it is to be achieved: the renewal of Ousmane Dembélé. Tying the continuity of the French winger is, at 24 years old, a priority for the Barça club because finding a player with his physical and technical characteristics on the market would not be easy and, much less, at zero cost. However, that intention of the Barça it is difficult to materialize. While the footballer seems to be in favor of continuing to be linked to the Barça club, and more after the words of Xavi (“He can become the best in the world in his position”) and the president Laporta (“Dembélé is better than Mbappe”), His agent is elusive with the club’s negotiators. He is taking long to give an affirmative answer to the Barcelona proposals -the last one even raised the amount of the fixed one- and wields the interest of other clubs, interested in signing Ousmane free as of June 30, 2022. And there are not a few his posh suitors: among them are Chelsea, Manchester United, Newcastle, Tottenham Y Juventus, among others.

Meanwhile, the Barça wants to know as soon as possible the decision of Dembélé without ceasing to fight for its renewal The novelty is that getting the French international to extend his contract would bring an extra prize, a very special bonus for the winter market: extending the contract of Ousmane for several more years it would give financial ‘fair play’ to Barça already for the winter market, something that would help to be able to register players. Because the current problem of the Barcelona entity is not the ability to buy – the club has powerful credit lines – but rather to be able to enroll within the salary limit of The league.

Dembélé signed for him Barça in 2017, when he paid for the forward to Borussia from Dortmund 105 million fixed, also contemplating in the agreement some possible payments in variables of 40 million more. By signing for five years, now there is only one to finish amortizing, the current season. And on a total cost of about 135 ‘kilos’ (counting the fixed plus the variables paid), now there would be about 27 million to be amortized.

Amortization, distributed

Yes Dembélé renewed, that amount that remains to be amortized would have to be distributed among the years for which it signed. That is to say, by way of example, that if he signed three more years, those 27 million that remain to be amortized would be distributed among the years that he had a new link with the Barça. That means that this season it would compute as amortization not for those 27 ‘kilos’ but for 6.75 (result of the division of 27 million between 4 seasons, the current one and three more). And then, the 20.25 million that would no longer be amortized this campaign would be computed as ‘fair play’ based on the rule that applied to it. The league. If the 1/2 rule is applied (it is the one applicable in the highest salaries as it happened with Griezmann) would be 10.1 million fair play. If the 1/4 applied, it would be just over 5 million. In addition, if the French player’s record is lowered per season, that would also help in this sense of fair play.

Thus, the conclusion is that, as admitted from the FC Barcelona, renew to Dembélé it would bring a double prize: its continuity and generating salary space to sign other players. After his last offer, the club gives itself until the end of the year to find out something.

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