The renewal of Busquets is not just a matter of money

With the proposal of Barcelona on the table, Sergio Busquets meditate on your future. She was in a hurry to decide, but now she doesn’t want to rush it, so the answer doesn’t seem imminent. The offer of barca it is practically the same as the one he had in summer, by seasons (1 plus 1) and by salary, much lower than the current one. The important nuance is that on this occasion the second year will depend on the club, which has conditioned it on a percentage of games played.

The previous year the second course depended on the captain and LaLiga did not validate the operation because it understood that it was a way of making up an extension of salary to favor the financial ‘fair play’ of the Barça team.

Busquets, in the event that he decides to continue as a culé, he would stick more or less to the proposal that the Catalan club has made him. But the captain’s decision is complicated because it is not an economic issue. If he was going for money, he would take the Saudi option. It is a family aspect, a decision on which a life project depends. And since Barcelona hasn’t been in a hurry to present the proposal either, there won’t be a quick response.

With one eye on Xavi and another on Messi

There are also other arguments that can influence the decision that Busquets makes. In the first place, the continuity of the project of Xavi Hernandez. The figure of the coach has a lot of weight for Busi and the coach fully trusts him. Nothing suggests that the man from Egar does not follow the next course, but if the barca If the League is on track, Xavi’s continuity will be more than assured.

On the other hand, we must not forget the good relationship that Busquets has with Leo Messi. The future of the Argentine, also tempted in Arabia, Miami or even with the possibility of his return to Barça not closed, could also be a point to be valued by Badia’s own midfielder.

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