The referee of the remorada is again controversial


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    Barcelona head down

    Barça is doomed to a miracle to qualify for the knockout stages of the Champions League.

  • 2/7

    Barcelona head down

    The Blaugrana must indeed prevail on the lawn of Bayern Munich.

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    A huge challenge for Xavi.

  • 4/7

    Joy Benfica

    Barcelona can also qualify if Benfica do not beat Dynamo Kiev.

  • 5/7

    Deniz aytekin

    And good news for the Catalans, it’s Deniz Aytekin who will be on the whistle during the match between Benfica and Kiev.

  • 6/7

    Deniz aytekin

    Deniz Aytekin was the arbiter of the comeback.

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    Deniz aytekin

    Deniz Aytekin’s appointment sparked strong reactions.

The choice of UEFA to appoint Deniz Aytekin to referee Benfica-Dynamo Kyiv on Wednesday goes badly …

the FC Barcelona needs a miracle to secure his ticket to the knockout stages of the Champions League. On the eve of the last day in Group G, the Blaugrana are certainly in a strong position as they are in second place with two points ahead of Benfica. A victory on Wednesday would therefore ensure their qualification.

But the challenge is immense for the men of Xavi, who indeed have an appointment on the lawn of the Bayern Munich. The Bavarian giant is certainly already qualified and guaranteed to finish in first place in the group, but the German champions seem particularly motivated. The fault in the second place of Robert lewandowski at the Ballon d’Or. ” It’s also a huge motivation for me to put everything in the balance in order to bring the Champions League back to Munich and show the football world what’s going on.. We have an opportunity to do so next Wednesday in the Champions League match against FC Barcelona. We are tackling it!», Recently confided Thomas Müller. Three months after the slap received at Camp Nou against Munich (0-3), Barça can therefore expect the worst …

A defeat in Bavaria would not necessarily be crippling. It would become so if at the same time Benfica won against Dynamo Kiev. The people of Barcelona will therefore have to count on a miracle of the same ilk as that of the “remountada” against the PSG in 2017. Should we see a sign, but UEFA has rightly appointed Deniz Aytekin, the referee of this famous “remount” for the match between Benfica and Kiev and this when the German had made enough mistakes to arbitration in favor of Barça during the match against PSG to be shelved by the European body. Viewed favorably in Catalonia, this designation sparked strong reactions in Portugal but also in Madrid, where the media are clearly wondering about this choice.

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