The referee forgives the expulsion of Parejo

The Villarreal player made a very hard tackle on Busquets but Soto Grande did not even show the yellow

Sergio Busquets, receiving instructions from Xavi

Pere Puntí MD

The match Villarreal-Barça de Liga aha started with great intensity, so much so that after three minutes of the match Parejo made a very hard tackle on Sergio Busquets. In a divided ball in the center of the field, the Barça midfielder was going to recover a ball when the player of the ‘yellow submarine’ entered him with his foot raised.

Busquets was very sore on the grass that forced the Barcelona assists to enter. It was difficult for the international to recover. The collegiate Soto Grande Not only did he not expel him, but he did not even show him the yellow card.

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