Real Madrid

The Real Madrid, pending of Alaba

The player suffered a knee sprain before the Sheriff

David praise

Real Madrid

David praise He is the player who is generating the most attention at Real Madrid. And it is not because of his good games or because of the goal he scored against the Sheriff. No, all of Real Madrid is watching Alaba for his injury in the Champions League match in Tiraspol.

It was the 64th minute of the game against the Sheriff when Alaba left the field to enter Nacho. In a previous play, in a jump, he had noticed that something was wrong and when he could, he threw himself to the ground to be substituted.

Before finishing, it was known that the change was due to some discomfort in his left knee and Ancelotti It was clearer when he said after the match that Alaba had a sprained left knee.

Today, day of rest

Real Madrid rests today and tomorrow returns to training and it will be then that Alaba passes tests to find out the real state of that knee sprain. What is clear is that right now, it is duda for next Sunday’s match against Sevilla at the Bernabéu.

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