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The offices will decide if Álvaro Rodríguez will be in the Clásico or not

alvaro rodriguezthe great revolution in the Madrid academy and who was the great protagonist of the derby against Atletico Madrid, to this day the classic on Sunday is lost. The disciplinary Judge of the RFEF decided to suspend the player for 1 game by virtue of article/s 119 of the Disciplinary Code and with an accessory fine for the club in the amount of €45.00 and €300.00 for the offender in application of art. 52. Penalty for completing the cycle and after seeing the fifth yellow card last Sunday against Deportivo.

The Competition Committee dismissed the appeal of the real Madrid because “the images provided by the alleged club, we cannot reach the conclusion that is intended, because in the opinion of this Single Disciplinary Judge, the action carried out by the player Alvaro Daniel Rodriguez Muñoz must be subject to the assessment made by the referee of the match, since it is the latter who has the sole, exclusive and definitive responsibility for the assessment of the action carried out by both players, not also considering that we are facing a situation of error manifest material, since, despite the fact that the video provided does not show, in our opinion, a complete sequence of the play, it can be seen that contact between the players takes place, and for this reason the criterion collected by the referee must be maintained in the minutes of the meeting, not considering that the videographic evidence provided clarifies the possible arbitration error that the referee alleges. Real Madrid Football Club in his statement of allegations.

Now the solution goes through the Appeals Committee. If it rejects it, it cannot be given that article 56 of the RFEF Disciplinary Code is clear regarding the mode of compliance with the sanctions and that it says in point 3 that “When it comes to footballers who could be legally aligned in other teams of the main chain or in any of the teams of a sponsoring club, the sanctioned footballer may not intervene in any of these teams or clubs, until it elapses, in the category in which said infraction was committed, the number of days to which the sanction merits”.

It turns out that the Castile Play with him Merida at 12:00 noon. Even though he plays before him Classic on Sunday at 9:00 p.m. and still not being able to be in valdebebas, he has to wait until the end of the day to be able to be alienated with the first team. In other words, he will not be able to until the next day of the Castile or upon the return of Real Madrid after the national team break.

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If that was not possible, finally alvaro rodriguez I couldn’t even play with it real Madrid in the duel against Barcelona nor, evidently, in the party of the Castile before him Merida in which the whites play a lot.

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