The members of the Edelmira Calvetó Group resign

The five members of the Grup Edelmira Calvetó, created in 2011 by the board of the Barça at the request of the two directives at the time (Susana Monje and Pilar Guinovart) to defend the role of women within the club, they have resigned. As the newspaper progressed Ara, in a letter sent to Barça president Joan Laporta, they regret not having “aroused his interest” after having requested a meeting with him. The five members are Sor Lucia Caram, patron of the Barça Foundation; Roser tiana, former member of the Social Commission; Cristina Fàbregas, president of the Penya Blaugrana Sallent and secretariat of the Federació de Penyes Blaugrana del Bages, Berguedà i Cerdanya; Marta Unzué, former culé player and now in Athletic, and Susana Monje, former vice president of Barça.

The letter is as follows: “We understand and assume that the urgent daily priorities of the FC Barcelona have not made it possible even though the Edelmira Calvetó Group pique their interest. For this reason, we send you this letter motivated by concern for the continuity of the group, its objectives and its actions, which we understand to be vital and aligned with the strategies and needs of the club. We take the opportunity to inform you for the appropriate purposes that we consider ourselves unrelated to the Edelmira Calvetó Group; we cease our duties and make them available to you with the best of wills. We are proud of our selfless contribution and we take the personal satisfaction of having contributed our grain of sand to the greatness of our beloved Barça. The group has worked to overcome some challenges that we consider vital. Since 2011, actions have been promoted aimed at making Barcelona women more visible, favoring their participation in the club, and recovering the historical memory of the members of the Barça and to promote actions of social responsibility for equality. The high percentage of female members and supporters, the vast family participation and the search for equity in our society, make it essential that female participation in equality permeates the strategic decisions of the club. The Barça, which has been a social spearhead so many times in the history of Catalonia, in this case it should not stop being so “.

The name chosen for the group honored the first Barça partner.

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