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The ‘lion’ is Benzema

The Bernabeu screamed this wednesday “Karim, Ballon d’Or!” after scoring his three-point goal against him Athletic. In this way, the white fans did not hesitate to pay tribute to their striker, about to turn 34 years in full football. Benzema, possibly the fittest ram currently in Europe, still unable to ‘hunt’ the precious golden award that he conquered Leo Messi for the seventh time last Monday in Paris.

The ‘9’ meringue continues ‘on fire’. He already has 17 goals this year between League and Champions, and has become a fearsome predator. Before him Athletic, the ‘lion’ was him. It sounds like a joke now when Mourinho called him ‘cat’ in his day. The Portuguese coach was not wrong about something: Karim has seven lives.

Carlo Ancelotti still does not rotate

Benzema not stop and Ancelotti run away from rotations. The Italian coach does not stop trusting his ‘praetorian guard’ despite the brutal accumulation of minutes that other top titles such as Courtois, Militao, Alaba, Casemiro, Modric or Vinicius.

This Wednesday, Lucas Vazquez It was the only novelty of Ancelotti. The Galician occupied the right side of Carvajal, that he had not rested since he came out of the injury. David praise he remained as a starter despite the discomfort he drags on his left knee.

Atleti and Real Sociedad, seven; the Barça, to 13

The risk of ‘Carletto’ to end up melting his team is, for now, overshadowed by an increasingly solid leadership in The league. Whites already score 7 points Athletic (2nd) and to Real society (3rd), precisely his two next rivals in the championship. And, to all this, a Barça that now is 13 of the whites, although with a less disputed match.

The Bernabeu not only paid tribute to Benzema. He also did it with the tennis player Garbiñe Muguruza, who recently became the first Spanish to win the Masters. The Hispanic-Venezuelan of Basque origins did the honor roll and received a well-deserved tribute. The winning ‘smash’ was Karim.

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