The letter als reis, by Ernest Benach

S’apropa Nadal, and the scoundrel began to fer the letter als reis. I com tothom sap, the reis passed the nit from the 5th to the 6th of gener and left the gifts demanded to the letters that have been due to arrive diligently to the patges reials on request. But why did the letter work? Do you know the basic premises? It will be well done and that you have a minimum amount of money to arrive at all times. At the moment, it seems that the carbo not in port, and that jo would say that the soci and affection of the Barcelonist did not deserve it in a way the carbo després dels molts disgust soferts in els darrers temps, i la molta paciència i bona disposition that has demonstrate supply.

The fitxatge of Dani alves Ha is the prova that els reis, enguany, do not come from llarg. But the letter als reis did not end here, I have a cert neguit fins to know the result of the requests, which are moltes and variations, but, as a molt, it is necessary to specify in a name, qui sap si dos a molt to stretch.

Yes Cavani, Yes Sterling, Yes Ferran torres, Yes Julian Alvarez, Yes Werner, Yes Cabral, i the list did not finish, … but els reis, per molt magics that els imaginem, no fan miracles, i caldrà molta enginyeria financera i de tota mena to reinforce a template that tea molt de futur, faces massa passat that weighs and a difficult present.

So much of it that they reis continue to be generous, and because of one of the things that are most lacking in this team, molts goals, (more than face) and about all that, with daring, talent, i molta wins, els faci .

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