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The legends of Tenerife and Real Madrid turn to La Palma

The legends of CD Tenerife and from Real Madrid disputed this Friday in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López a solidarity party to raise funds to help people affected by the volcano of The Palm.

Fernando Hierro, Álvaro Arbeloa or Emilio Amavisca were some of the former Madrid players who dressed short in this charity event, which ended with a victory for the Tenerife team (2-0).

Kiko Ratón and Ayoze García scored the goals of the Tenerife veterans team, of which the current coach was part, Luis Miguel Ramis.

The meeting was held to raise funds for the victims of the eruption that began on September 19 and that, during its activity, has buried the homes and work facilities of thousands of people.

Around 11,000 spectators attended the event, for which tickets were put on sale at the single price of ten euros and a zero row was enabled for donations.

Real Madrid’s team of legends It was made up of Pedro Jaro, Jordi Codina, Álvaro Arbeloa, Francisco Pavón, Fernando Hierro, Fernando Sanz, Jesús Enrique Velasco, Julio Llorente, Jaime Sánchez, Luis Milla, Alberto Rivera, Antonio Núñez, Javier Balboa, Iván Pérez and José Emilio Amavisca.

They played representing CD Tenerife Toño Hernández, Alfaro, Vitolo, Aragoneses, Marc Bertrán Pier, Culebras, Ayoze Díaz, Lolín, Luis Delgado, Quique Estebaranz, Kiko Ratón, Toñito, Ayoze García, Isidro, R. Carlos, César Gómez, Antonio Hidalgo, Joseíto, Manolo, Ricardo León, Cristo, Juan Miguel, Pedro Martín, Antonio Mata, Manolo Martínez, Edu Moya, Ramis, Suso Santana, Alexis Suárez, Pablo Sicilia, Agustín, Jesús Vázquez, Toño Leña and Toño Martín.

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