the keys to a strategic signing

The FC Barcelona press to try to sign Ferran torres (21 years old), forward of the Manchester City. The end of Foios (Valencia) is an express request of Xavi Hernandez, who wants a player of his characteristics to reinforce the attack line. As explained by MD on November 11, the names of Ferran and of Dani Olmo were those that Xavi asked Mateu Alemany as he arrived at the club thinking of reinforcing a forward diminished by the losses of Messi and Griezmann and in which Dembélé, Ansu, Omen and Braithwaite have recently suffered major physical mishaps.

Pep does not want people to dislike

The Barça Soccer Director decided to bet on what Xavi asked him to do and went with the CEO, Ferran Reverter, to Manchester to feel how City reacted to the interest in Ferran. And the reality is that the English club did not completely refuse Torres’ departure. Among other things because the young striker had already taken the first step: ask his coach, Pep Guardiola, that he did not put obstacles on his way out because his current dream is to play for Barça. The Catalan coach, as he always says, does not want anyone on his team who is not comfortable. Of course, he warned that his OK to Ferran’s departure was subject to the agreement between clubs. Yesterday, Pep spoke in this line. “Ferran? It is not my job to comment on this. You have to call Txiki or the agent Ferran, or to Barça ”, he said first, to later add, in a generic way:“ I have always said to my players, especially last year after four seasons together: ‘please, don’t stay if you don’t want to be at the club. Do it for yourselves, but also for the club. Has no sense. Life is too short to be somewhere bound by a contract instead of where you want to be the most. ‘ However, he made it clear that “we are not going to give gifts, since when we go to the market they ask us much more money for any transfer because it is City. We are not going to let our players go for free. There has to be a negotiation, an agreement between clubs ”. The bottom line is that the Manchester City agrees to negotiate with Barça and although it is evident that he will not give away Ferran And that he will not make a friend to Barça, nor does he consider the Spanish international essential.

The ‘fair play’, key

And according to sources of the negotiation, the difference that separates the clubs at the moment is salvageable. No figures are given, but since City paid for Ferran 23 million fixed plus 12 in variables, in England it is pointed out that for about 50-55 million a deal could be struck. In this sense, Barça has no problems signing, as the CEO made clear yesterday, Ferran Reverter. The problem is the economic ‘fair play’. That is, fit the tab Ferran and the amortization portion of this mid-season in the club’s spending cap on these items. And that happens to remove a player this January or enter through sponsorships.

Ferran’s commitment

Ferran torres going strong to fulfill his dream. In fact, he has been ‘wet’ a lot for Barça, and that as a Barça player it would be more difficult to win titles than at his current club. Asked him to go out to Guardiola and, if necessary, will insist. In addition, he has agreed to lower the card to be able to enter within the current economic parameters of Barça. In fact, he already has a closed agreement, for five seasons, with the Barça club.

In Dembélé code

That predisposition of Ferran signing is pure gold for him Barça: on the one hand, it gives strength to him City because the English have in their ranks a footballer who wants to go to Camp Nou and who, moreover, has already spoken to his coach. On the other hand, the agreement with towers gives air to Barça in his tense negotiations with Dembélé. The French already knows what there is: his club wants him to continue but if he does not, he is covered. Also, if it arrives Ferran In January, the Frenchman can throw himself in the stands six months that can be long and more being a year of world. In short, that of Ferran torres It is a strategic signing.

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