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The ‘forgotten’ player of Real Madrid

Isco Alarcon He has gone from being a player that half of Europe fought for to disappearing completely from the football map. In 2017, Real Madrid renewed Isco to ensure the continuity of a key player in the squad. Now, his contract ends in June 2022 and Real Madrid does not want to know anything about extending his contract.

By that 2017, Isco he was an important player for Zidane and when I arrive Lopetegui, the Andalusian became the center of the white team. Since then, in 2018, Isco has disappeared from the map. With Solari he had them, he returned Zidane and it seemed that he was going to get Isco back, but it was not like that and the same is happening with Ancelotti this season. No coach has been able to recover it and Isco has been diluted in the Real Madrid from which he is going to go through the back door.

The white club is more than willing to Isco he left in January, but the problem is that despite the rumors, no club has officially approached Real Madrid to ask about an Isco who still does not play and disappears more and more from the football scene.

At 29 years old, Isco He is neither here nor expected at Real Madrid and it will be necessary to see if there is any club that bets on him in January or that he gets free in the summer. At the moment, those clubs do not appear on the horizon either. Isco has gone from being a player for whom the greats of Europe fought, to not existing for any of them.

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