The draws for Champions, Europe and Conference League, telematics

Although it was planned to do them in person, the rise of the pandemic in Europe has forced UEFA to minimize risks for Monday the 13th

Scenario in a Champions League draw


The rebound of the pandemic throughout Europe, with some countries with great restrictions, will fully affect the last day of the Champions, the Europe and the Conference league. To the well-known news of closing the doors for the matches of Germany (including the Bayern-Barça) and Austriaat least the UEFA informed the clubs that the draw for the three competitions, scheduled for Monday, December 13 in Nyon (Switzerland) between 12 noon and 2.30 p.m., it will finally take place electronically and not in person. The highest body of continental football has had to change plans and thus avoid risks. Only the one from the group stage last August in Istanbul it was made with representatives of the clubs as before the pandemic.

The directors and executives of the participating teams will make the evaluations of the draw online as it happened with the last of the 2019-20 campaign and those of 2020-21.

In the Champions (12 h.) The round of 16 will be drawn, while in the Europa League (13 h.) Will be known the playoff pairings between the third group of the Champions and the seconds of the Europa League. The same will happen with the Conference (2pm), with the second in their groups and the third in the Europa League.

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