The day Dembélé left against Bayern

Ousmane Dembélé has become the great hope for Barça in the so-called ‘Munich miracle’. The French striker, fresh from his last injury, add minutes little by little and he has been the revitalizer of the game of a Barça in great need of a goal in his last appearances. Without going any further, against Betis he resurrected Barça. Dembélé knows very well the scene in which his team will seek a prestigious triumph the day after tomorrow: an exhibition of his killed Bayern in 2017 in the semifinals of the German Cup.

Dembélé it was only a year at Borussia Dortmund and one of his best performances took place at the Allianz Arena, on April 26, 2017. Tuchel’s Dortmund he beat Bayern de Ancelotti 2-3 (recently docked at the Bernabéu) and went to the final, what would i win to the Eintracht. Dembélé was a nuisance from the beginning, but in the first half it didn’t end well. It was the Dembélé desperate, although it was he who started the play from 0-1, the work of Reus after a bad pass behind Javi Martínez.

In the second part, with 2-1 for Bayern, the great Dembélé came out. First warning: play with a hat and go into space. Then, the 2-2, from the header of his partner Aubameyang to the millimeter center of ‘Dembo’; and the climax: great goal for 2-3. Receive in the area A pass from Reus, controls with the right, cuts Alaba and launches with the left a surface-to-air-to-ground missile that sneaks in from the left.

A Dembélé advance that Barça needs tomorrow.

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