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The data that reflect the collapse of Madrid against Athletic

Before him Athletic club, the Real Madrid It was clearly from over to under until he ended up winning with one eye on the ball and the other on the timer. The whites, who played at home where a constant dominance is assumed during the 90 minutes were, if possible, effective during the first 45 minutes and then entrusted their luck to the inspiration and reflections of Courtois.

All this is demonstrated with the party data that reflect a clear ‘collapse’ of the Real Madrid in their offensive tasks. While in the first half he fired 14 shots (7 of them on target), in the second he did not pass the three shots and none of them hit the goal of Unai Simon.

Same statistics with the corners. The Madrid he bounced six in the first half to just one in the second, and possession dropped from 71.2% at half-time to 53% at the end of the game.

Athletic, in reverse

Likewise, the fall of Real Madrid caused the rise of Athletic that doubled its numbers, going from 6 shots to 12 in the first half, from 2 corners to 4 and from a possession of 28.7% to 47%.

Thus the things, the data, like the cotton, do not deceive: the Real Madrid lowered the piston before the Athletic and it was about to cost him three points that he now has in his pocket and with which he lives much better.

Real Madrid – Athletic data. Opt

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