The data that makes Vinicius’s goal against Sevilla even more spectacular

When Vinicius got to put that ball in the squad of Bond with a precision that had not been intuited just a few months ago, he made the Bernabeu. The Brazilian lives his sweetest moment and, with him, the Real Madrid who, being a solo leader, is also showing his best version.

In fact, this manifested itself in the goal of Vini where, despite the Brazilian being the protagonist, the constructors were each and every one of the players who were on the pitch at that time as they all participated in the play by touching the ball at some point and braiding the play to their liking.

It all started when in 85 ‘ Casemiro he does what he does better than anyone (with the data in hand) in this League: recover balls. ‘Hunt’ one who was in possession of the Seville and, from that moment, begins a one-minute play in which, with 19 passes, the ball passes through all the players of the Real Madrid until Vinicius decides to make such a great goal.

One more sample that the Real Madrid from Ancelotti combines good play and effectiveness as a formula to achieve results that, for the moment, are ‘crowning’ him as the leader of The league.

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