The Camp Nou owes support to Coutinho, by Dagoberto Escorcia

Philippe Coutinho he is barely 29 years old. Nine less than Dani alves, one of the footballers in which the Barça has entrusted to complete its rebirth from next year. Coutinho owes a lot to Barça, who faithfully believed in him to replace Neymar, when he preferred Arab money to happiness. When he was booked by the Barça, on Liverpool they adored him and considered him the “little wizard.” So he was a daring player, he dribbled, assisted, shot on goal, scored goals and created. He put in Luis Suárez’s boots many goals that later turned the Uruguayan into a player desired by him Barça. In 201 games with him Liverpool, ‘Cou‘scored 54 goals. He is not just any player. Is a crack. And the good thing about it is that Xavi wants to get it back, and he will achieve it because for that the new coach of the Barça it is also an outstanding one. Coutinho owes a lot to Barça, but also the Camp Nou fans are indebted to him. That same hobby that has undergone an impressive transformation since Xavi came to the club. The one who whistled him unfairly that day that he Barça he got a 3-0 to Liverpool and we all believed that he had set foot in the end of the Champions. Well, not everyone. In the newspaper library we can find chronicles in which it was said that despite the 3-0 a good game had not been played. That night in which the public of the Camp Nou, that one, not the one today, which seems to be another, he whistled it. And it had to be Leo Messi, who would reproach such an ugly action. Coutinho scored before Villarreal and he was about to score a great goal. The Camp Nou you have to support it. He is one of us.

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