The Barça B, to be reunited with the victory in Villarreal

After chaining two consecutive defeats, Barça B visit Villarreal B this afternoon (17 hours / Esport3 and Footers) with the aim of reencountering the victory and not losing sight of the top positions. “In the situation in which we find ourselves now, it is a good scenario to leave our mark,” he said. Sergi Barjuan.

The yellow subsidiary, which occupies the third place in Group 2 of the First RFEF, sum 28 points, six more than Barça B. Sergi is aware that his team cannot miss the opportunity and therefore asks his players to be themselves against a rival who, despite being a subsidiary, has older players.

The Barça expedition already traveled to Castellón this Saturday, where they spent the night. These are the 18 summoned by Sergi Barjuan: Carevic, Iñaki Peña, Guillem Jaime, Comas, Mika Mármol, Álvaro Sanz, Rodado, Lucas de Vega, Nils Mortimer, Matheus, Kays Ruiz, Ghailan, Peque Polo, Aranda, Ramos Mingo, Jutglà, Ilias and Arnau Solà.

Villarreal B – Barça B

Stadium: Villarreal Sports City (5:00 p.m., Esport 3 / Footters).

VILLARREAL B: Iker Álvarez; Migue, Dela, Pablo Iñiguez, Tasende; Ramón Bueno, Carlo, Lozano; Ahn, Nikita and Arana.

Coach: Miguel Alvarez

BARÇA B: Iñaki Peña; Arnau Solà, Comas, Mika Mármol, Guillem Jaime; Álvaro Sanz, Matheus, Aranda; Ilias, Rodado and Jutglà.

Coach: Sergi Barjuan

Referee: Alonso by Ena Wolf (C. Aragonese)

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