The 11 lessons of Week 17: Mike Vrabel coach of the year, the Indestructible Raiders

Give it the title of Coach of the Year to Mike Vrabel

Derrick Henry, Julio Jones, Bud Dupree, AJ Brown, Taylor Lewan… Basically, the only star player of the Titans who has not been more or less long on the injured list is Ryan Tannehill.

Despite this, Tennessee leads the AFC conference. Not just qualified for the playoffs. At the head of the conference! With their fate in hand: they beat the Texans on the last day of the season, and they win a week off. Time that should allow Derrick Henry to return.

And it’s not like they miss Henry that much. In early November, Dont’a Foreman was in the Falcons practice squad when he was signed. Promising in college, Foreman had been vegetating on benches since 2017. Not anymore. With 132 yards, he still delivered a big performance.

It’s delusional.

If the Titans finish at the top of the AFC, Mike Vrabel is the coach of the year. Bar point.

Eternal respect to the Raiders

Las Vegas is one game away from the playoffs. A win against the Chargers in the last week, and they will play the finals. It’s as crazy as for the Titans.

Their coach resigned. Their best threat in depth is in prison. Darren Waller hasn’t played the last four games. Their best catcher is built like a chartered accountant.

And yet, here they are.

The Raiders defended hard against the Colts, and while they lost more balls than the opponent, Derek Carr and his offense ended up doing what was necessary. And Hunter Renfrow is exceptional.

Ja’Marr Chase! Ja’Marr Chase! Ja’Marr Chase!

And Joe Burrow! Joe Burrow! Joe Burrow!

It’s nice. It’s easy. It’s just beautiful. That’s why we watch this sport.

Finally a quiet summer for the Eagles

No change of coach. No controversy over the quarterback. Hopefully not too many confinements. What if Philadelphia finally begins to build.

It’s not always pretty, but the Eagles beat Washington to reach the playoffs. This team has found an identity, and maybe a quarterback. They will play without pressure in the playoffs. A great season on which they can build. It’s been a long time.

Thanks to the Giants for burning it all down

Sorry for the repetition. Truly. But here it is not possible. While the Titans and Ravens look competitive even with 400 injured and their respective best player in the infirmary, the Giants have been ridiculous on offense. There are no other words.

In the first half, Mike Glennon lost more balls (2) than he completed assists (1).

Fire everyone.

What ?! Can Odell Beckham be decisive?

We knew that Odell Beckham could do a lot of things. But catching an important ball on the fourth attempt? And a decisive touchdown in stride?

Woa. Here is something new.

The Rams are not reassuring

If Odell Beckham had to be decisive, it is because Los Angeles had all the trouble in the world to beat the Ravens yet deprived of many players.

Matthew Stafford (26/35, 309 yards, 2 TDs, 2 int) was still very irregular, and Jalen Ramsey even came to blows with a teammate from the start of the match.

They win, they advance, but they are not yet reassuring.

The Dolphins know exactly what to do

An offensive line. One or two decent runners. A quarterback at the end of Draft just in case?

We are not going to repeat the Tua Tagovailoa debate again, but the attack is clearly the site of the offseason. 3 points against the Titans when the playoffs are in play, it’s impossible. It takes muscle on the line and some ground play to help the quarterback. Is number 1 the man for the job? He has only very rarely shown the explosiveness that could give him hope. 15 touchdowns and 10 interceptions in 12 games, there is nothing to raise the crowds.

If he doesn’t explode next year with a little more help ahead of him, then it will be time to move on. Because with Jaylen Waddle, Devante Parker or Mike Gesicki, there are already more quality targets than in many other teams.

Miami found itself in the playoff race thanks to a weak schedule stint and great defense. But the attack was never that of a suitor.

Jimmy Garoppolo is not in danger

Trey Lance is not ready. Maybe he will be one day. But not now. Not for the playoffs. The third choice of the last Draft has qualities, but also progress to be made.

As depressing as it sounds: San Francisco is more likely to go far with Jimmy Garoppolo.

We must continue to forgive Antonio Brown

You see it’s a good thing never to hold people accountable. Antonio Brown never had to take on anything. And he’s doing very well.

A very nice way to honor Bruce Arians, who had ensured that Brown was a changed man and that everyone could go and cook their loaves.

Maybe Brown really has some psychological issues. Maybe he’s just a superstar who has always been allowed everything because he could catch a ball and he no longer has any tolerance for frustration. No one can tell by watching a video on Twitter. It is between him and real health professionals that it happens. If Tom Brady really wants to help him like he said on Sunday, this is where he needs to take him and help him. Probably more in the NFL… even if an umpteenth last chance is never to be ruled out. Ask Josh Gordon.

And the fair play prize is awarded to …

Jihad Ward!

Here is someone who understands that one should not blame the referees for their bad decisions. We must love them, respect them and support them towards better days.

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