“That the players break!”, The rant of Lizarazu

Bixente Lizarazu got carried away on Sunday after recent incidents in Ligue 1 stadiums.

It’s a small event: no major incident has been reported during this 15e Ligue 1 day. As a result of the recent excesses in Marseille and Geoffroy-Guichard, theOM nevertheless played behind closed doors in front of Troyes while the two Saint-Etienne kops were also closed for the reception of the PSG. A week after the end of the match betweenOlympique Lyonnais and Olympique de Marseille following a bottle throw on Dimitri Payet, the situation remains nonetheless worrying according to Bixente Lizarazu.

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That really shocked me. I believe that the match organizers have the responsibility for the safety of the players. We are there to put on the show, we must have security. Speaking of sanctuary, that means supporters who do not enter the field and who do not balance things. We’ve been talking about it for three to four months, but not much has changed “, Regretted the former French defender at the microphone of Téléfoot.

And the Basque to demand tougher sanctions. ” The sanctions that have been taken against supporters who have committed reprehensible acts are not sufficient from my point of view. We could also see that for the jet bottle on Dimitri Payet’s head, there were around the one who swung, guys who had died laughing. So we see that in the attitude, being violent has almost become natural “, He continued, also demanding a strong gesture from the players:” I think that the players, if the leaders do not take their responsibilities straight away,they have to break from the ground. It’s that simple. If we decide to leave the field, it is sure that there will be reactions behind. I will be behind the players. If they don’t think security is enough, then they go.

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