That the injection of morale does not decline, by Carles Rexach

Barça is playing it in Munich, in a momentous match, perhaps without the emotional rush of recent weeks. It is clear that go to the Europa League It would not be the same as continuing in the Champions League and the game does not come at the best possible moment. Everyone is somewhat disappointed after the game against Betis, because we wanted to see that recovery that has not just come. And it is not because it was a very different game from others, but what is certain is that it cut off, above all, a mental recovery.

Actually, we saw the same tonic of many of the previous games, with nuances. The Barça starts well, has opportunity

des, dominates for several minutes, but it fades, loses the rhythm and the spark and the opponents believe it. So they generate opportunities that sometimes they enter and sometimes not.

I also want to make it clear that the biggest problem is not taking advantage of the occasions when you have them. AND I think it is unfair to exaggerate the criticism in the Betis goal. It came in a very well braided play by the Verdiblanco team. Certainly, if there were no failures There would be no goals, but more than a huge failure by anyone, I did see a collective success of the Betic team. And, in any case, a lack of tension problem. I get the impression that sometimes players have so much information in their heads that they get lost and have a hard time reacting.

I see in Barça more of the same: other games had been won and Betis had not. But now the important thing is that the boost of morale that took place with the arrival of Xavi does not wane. And keeping that frame of mind goes through Munich. More than for the result, for giving a good image and showing that we are capable of competing.

It may be important that there is no audience. There is the feeling that Bayern will destroy us and it doesn’t have to be that way. They also have a lot of party load and I don’t think they will come out with all the artillery.

Of course, regardless of who plays, it is important that the script changes at Barça of the last matches and be able to maintain the good level of the minutes in which it dominates, presses and creates occasions without deflating afterwards.


Munich now seems an inaccessible square. The Barca never won there And it is certainly one of the most difficult courses in Europe. But neither had Barça ever won at Anfield and we went and got a celebrated 1-3 in the group stage, with that famous goal by Overmars after a very long round.

For everything there is a first time. In fact, Johan’s last European game as coach away from home was Bayern-Barça in the 1995-96 UEFA semi-finals, when UEFA was a more prestigious competition than the current Europa League. That party is coming to count because we were 2-2, but we deserved to win. With a very young team, the famous Quinta del Mini plus two or three veterans. A shame. And on the return a 1-2 that eliminated us.

My memory of that day is that we left a very good image and that is what Barça needs tomorrow

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