There is an unwritten democratic tradition in the Barça which says that each new board of directors signs a regiment of trusted people and ‘transfers’ to the INEM to many others, simply because they are not. Come on, there is more post-electoral hustle and bustle than in the soccer markets themselves. Neither Pogba neither Haaland neither Ferran torres, otherwise Alexander, Sergio Y Juan, with their chairs and their demarcations in the offices. Employees who, after all, are deserving. And I’m not saying it just for Laporta. The landing of Rosell Y Bartomeu He also left insignificant that of Normandy. It is normal and acceptable, in any case, that each new leader prefers to be surrounded by his own. It is even hygienic, but is it useful to fire just for the sake of it, for no other reason than “now I’m putting my people in”? In recent years, we have applauded the rise of Ansu Fati, Iliax Moriba, Nico, Gavi, Ilias… but we have forgotten who cared for them and correctly guided them on their way.

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