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sparks flew in the Madrid derby

Despite the fact that both are soccer players born in Colombia, the usual rivalry of derbies between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid They led them to star in clashes and clashes typical of the duels of the maximum. This is what happened in the past Madrid derby, in which they did not take advantage in a new edition of the derby.

The match ended in a goalless draw, but the match played in the Alcalá de Henares Sports Center lived really tense moments between the new star of the white team, Linda Caicedoand the mattress player leicy santos. Various media outlets have echoed this.

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Beautiful he led the ‘merengues’ in various sections such as the most passes for shots with five, three effective dribbles, seven games won and five fouls generated against Atlético. For his part, the Valle del Cauca made 31 of 34 passes during her ninety minutes on the court and achieved a 91.2% pass rate.

Both shone with their teams and it was a highly competitive match. But the logic was fulfilled and there were delicate moments. Thus, there were actions that gave a lot to talk about. In one of them, it was running at minute 86, almost at the end of the commitment, when Caicedo and Santos they fought a ball. Beautiful he lost the ball with Santos and when he tried to recover it he pulled her arm and the other responded with a slap, but it didn’t go any further. The video has gone viral and has been highly commented on due to the tension between the two.

The play did not go to major and both focused on the ball, but they have given a lot to talk about.

cute and leicy they share a lot in common. Both have defended the shirt of the Colombian team and were even close to winning the 2022 Copa América title held in Colombian territory, as they were in second place. Although Caicedo promises for the 2023 season, Santos has a long history in Iberian territory, having arrived in Spain in 2020.

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