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“Sometimes I wonder what is going to happen in the Clásico and I’m never right”

kroos talked about Classic tomorrow, Sunday, on Real Madrid TV. The German confessed that “sometimes I wonder what is going to happen in the Clásico and I never get it right. It is always a special and unique game”, he said, to talk about tomorrow’s duel: “We know the importance of the match. For us, it’s important to get closer to them if we win. I don’t know what kind of game we’re going to see”.

Kroos eHe explained that “we arrived well and I hope we’re ready for tomorrow. We’ve been recovering for two days, but today we’re much better and ready for tomorrow”, noting that “we played well on big stages against big rivals. It’s what big teams do If we continue like this we will do well. Also, after the draw for the Champions League we have to do it to reach the final”.

The German midfielder spoke of his connection to Modric, just when many doubts arise about the performance of both. “I’m very good playing by his side. You understand each other perfectly after almost nine years playing together. We have a good connection both on and off the pitch and you know what the other is doing. Despite everything, there are always important people around us. ClovingHe played a spectacular game against Liverpool on Wednesday and he helped us a lot, especially in the physical aspect”, the German declared, to emphasize that “we have a very good midfield and it depends on the game you want to play, one or the other will play. Since I am a team player, it is important to talk about everyone. The two of us have more history than the others, but the important thing is what you do now.

kroos cHe recently completed 400 games with Real Madrid. “It’s a good number, but it doesn’t interest me,” he said, adding that “the relationship I have with the club interests me more. They have been almost nine very good and successful years. You can spend nine years at the club and not have that feeling or be two and think that you are at home. Almost from the first day until today I had the feeling that I was at home. Success helps a lot to feel comfortable in a club like this, but the important thing is the feeling that I have here: I am in home, happy and that makes me play my best football”.

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