Sexual assault: Pierre Ménès’ response

Accused of sexual assault by a hostess at the Parc des Princes, Pierre Ménès wishes to be heard by investigators.

Pierre Ménès wants to explain himself. Questioned by a hostess of the Parc des Princes who accuses him of having had inappropriate gestures towards her on the occasion of the recent confrontation between PSG and Nantes, the former presenter of the Canal Football Club indeed wishes to be heard by investigators, according to BFM TV. If the young woman, who accuses him in particular of having touched his chest, did not wish to file a complaint, the Paris prosecutor’s office would have decided to open a preliminary investigation into the count of sexual assault.

The 58-year-old journalist should be able to explain himself on December 9, according to his lawyer. Me Arash Derambarsh had disputed, Monday, the accusations against Pierre Ménès. “He was accompanied by three people throughout the evening. There was absolutely no problem. The evening went very well and this is confirmed by the CERFA certificates of the three people who accompanied him everywhere ” , he assured, affirming that Pierre Ménès “Will file a complaint for slanderous denunciation if his honor is violated.

Present alongside Pierre Ménès in the stands, Camille confided his surprise to BFM TV. “I’m shocked, knowing that I was there, that my friends were there, that we didn’t see anything, that nothing happened anyway. I was always there with him, to his right or to his left, assured the young woman. It was the first time since we’ve known each other that we’ve been to the game together. I was happy to watch a game with him. Hearing these allegations… I don’t understand. I don’t understand when it could have happened, I was still with him. It didn’t happen, I’m convinced of that because I was there. ”

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