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Sergio Ramos’s numbers at PSG

Last Sunday was not just any day for Sergio Ramos. We could say that it has been the most important in the recent past of the Sevillian and current player of the PSG. Two hundred and seven days later he set foot on a pitch again to play football wearing a totally different shirt from the one used the last time he did so, already immersed in the ordeal suffered by the soleus of his left leg.

The Spanish central He started against Saint-Etienne and completed the ninety minutes without problems, definitively closing the chapter of his injury that has been pursuing him for almost a year. From the same day he decided to go through the operating room to have an operation on the meniscus in his left knee. That will be one year on February 6.

Since then he has been dragging constant problems, starting with his return match against Elche. Then it was with the national team when the soleus returned to torture him at the end of the match between Spain against Kosovo and where he played only 4 minutes. Sergio Ramos again felt a puncture in the subsequent exercise on the same stadium lawn as soon as the match ended. That was on March 31st.

From there and until last Sunday, the life of Sergio Ramos has almost turned into a real nightmare. As soon as the defender began to train with a certain intensity, he immediately became inflamed, preventing him from continuing in his process of rejoining the team’s dynamics. On May 6 of that same year he played his last match with the Real Madrid shirt. It was in the second leg of the Champions League semi-final against Chelsea and where the Whites were eliminated.

And since then she hadn’t dressed in shorts again until last Sunday. In that time a lot has happened, starting with his departure from Real Madrid and his signing for PSG.

Everything has been written about the Andalusian defender

Since his presentation with Leo Messi and other new signings at the Parc des Princes Stadium in Paris, everything has been written about the Andalusian defender. Since he received half of the emoluments he received at Real Madrid to even the fact that the French club could terminate his contract if the player continued injured.

And the only reality is that the Andalusian player has a contract signed for two years with PSG, until the end of the 2022-2023 season. A contract that, as this newspaper has learned, is around 11 million euros net per season. That is, around 22 for the two campaigns initially agreed with the Parisian club. Some numbers that suppose that Sergio Ramos enters a little more than the last card he had as a Real Madrid player, then affected by the reduction that the white team players applied as a result of the pandemic.

Now we have to wait for him to recover his form, if he remains in Mauricio Pochettino’s eleven and to what extent, if he continues on a regular basis at PSG, he can place himself on the starting line to return with the Spanish team. In the background is the record of being the player who has played the most times for a national team in the history of world football and the World Cup in Qatar at the end of 2022.

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