Sergi Roberto continues without renewing and no longer discards anything

The renewal of Sergi Roberto does not advance, is in an indecipherable stalemate, just weeks after the approval of Xavi Hernandez. The contacts could be resumed this week, in a formal manner, but there is a feeling that they are no longer in offices because of the work that remains on the staff. The player, who ends his contract in June 2022, would like to know what to expect.

Negotiations have entered a dead end that could lead the player to accept an offer in the winter market

For more than a month, the negotiations have been as paralyzed as they are tangled. The Barça leaked his intention to extend the contract for a couple more seasons but still does not take a firm step, despite the fact that Xavi has already been pronounced.

Sergi Roberto Maintains negotiating and reaching an agreement as a priority, both in terms of renewal and salary adjustment. As he has already told the club by active and passive, the midfielder accepts the cut planned for this season like the rest of the captains and sign down the two years that they proposed, until the 2023-2024 campaign.

The talks came to a halt in October and have yet to resume. If schedules allow, the football director Mateu alemany will meet with your representative Josep Maria Orobitg. the player suspects that they are giving him long. “We are waiting for Barça, who already know our approach and the player’s will to adapt to the economic circumstances of the club,” he already said. Orobitg on one occasion.

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