Sampaoli smashes Lyon –

Once again called upon to react to the Lyon-Marseille incidents, and to the sanctions that followed, Jorge Sampaoli attacked the players and staff of OL, who showed no solidarity with Dimitri Payet.

The soap opera stretches in length, as decisions fall, whether from the Disciplinary Commission of the LFP, or from government authorities. Corn this Lyon-Marseille has not finished talking, and Jorge Sampaoli was again questioned on the subject this Friday at a press conference.

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The OM coach first took note of the League’s decisions. ” One can only accept the rules indicated by those who decide the future of football and be close to Dimitri Payet, a player who brings a lot of joy to Ligue 1, we see it every time he is on the pitch. If he’s hit, that worries me as a coach. I cannot judge what cannot be changed. Decisions are made by people who are competent to do so ”, commented the Argentinian technician, relay The Phocaean.

“If there is no unity …”

But what Sampaoli still has not digested is the behavior of the Lyonnais towards the No. 10 OM, hit in the head by a bottle throw. ” Normally, what should happen is that the staffs and players of all clubs should respond jointly against this type of thing. We cannot argue with justice, but we can be together. For example, no one from Lyon, whether the players or the coach, came to see Dimitri Payet in the locker room after the incident. We are all rivals, adversaries, but above all we are work colleagues. When this kind of thing happens, we should all band together so that we can protect ourselves and, perhaps, in the future, change things together later on. Because if there is no unity, there will be no solution“, Pleaded the former Argentina coach.

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