Sampaoli points to OM’s shortcomings

Losing speed in recent weeks, both in the result and the quality of its services, OM lack the depth of the bench according to their coach Jorge Sampaoli.

More and more subject to criticism – including in Marseille itself – Jorge Sampaoli justifies the current bad patch of OM as he can. By pointing out in particular the limited staff which is his, and this despite the 60 million euros invested this summer according to his grievances with the blessing of President Longoria and the benevolence of the owner Frank McCourt.

I talk to the president every day and through him I also talk to the owner. We explain to him that we have made an almost completely new workforce, but which is also a limited workforce. So yes, we talk and we hope to have this possibility of recruiting, blows the Argentinian technician at a press conference on Tuesday. We talk and work to have the most competitive OM possible. This is my job. But then I’m limited to the reality of the club.

Lateral under the tree?

The reality is in particular the supervision of the wage bill and possible changes confirmed these days by the National Management Control Department (DNCG). However, Jorge Sampaoli is targeting a position that he particularly lacks and would benefit from being reinforced this winter. ” We need more defensive full-backs. We lack natural sidelites. Pol Lirola is better offensively in our opinion, playing a notch higher. Valentin Rongier is better on the axis. As we have a little trouble settling in the opposing camp, finally this side comes to defend more on the sides, so we will have to deepen this idea to avoid seeing Valentin positioned so often on the outside. But it is also because of the workforce and its lack of depth …

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