Salah ‘passes’ elegantly from Barça

In an interview on the Arab network MBC, the Egyptian striker made clear his intentions to continue at Liverpool, which is negotiating his continuity

Salah intends to stay at Liverpool


Despite the rumors that come from England about the possible interest of FC Barcelona in hiring Mohamed salah, the Egyptian forward has made clear his intentions to continue in the Liverpool in an interview with the Arab network MBC.

Salah, 29 years old and seventh in the 2021 Ballon d’Or, responded to the Catalan club’s alleged interest as follows: “I have said several times that if the decision is up to me, I want to stay at Liverpool. But this decision is in the hands of management, and they have to solve this problem. It is up to them. “

He added: “Your financial value shows how much the club values ​​you and how much they are willing to do anything to support you, but the decision itself is not based solely on these financial issues.”

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