Rothen apologizes to Alvaro


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    Jerome Rothen

    Jérôme Rothen apologizes to Alvaro Gonzalez.

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    Alvaro Gonzalez

    His behavior against Nantes caused a lot of talk.

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    Alvaro Gonzalez

    He was called a “bitch” and a “bitch” on RMC, and the OM did not wing.

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    Daniel Riolo

    According to the consultant of RMC Sport, these are expressions after all regular and banal.

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    Alvaro Gonzalez

    Always so rough in the duel …

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    Gerson scored the only goal of the night between Nantes and Marseille.

Qualified as a “bitch” and even more on the RMC antenna, the Spanish defender of OM Alvaro Gonzalez will have been gratified with an apology from Jérôme Rothen.

Is this the consequence of the inflammatory message from the communications director of OM Jacques Cardoze (” OM calls on RMC to make a public apology to Alvaro Gonzalez and that sanctions be taken against the authors of these comments. The club reserves the right to take the matter to court. “)? Still, Jérôme Rothen, directly targeted by the Marseille club, returned this Saturday to the insults uttered on the air against the Olympian defender.

Qualified for ” bitch “Or” slut “The day after the championship match between Nantes and Marseille – a meeting which saw the person concerned show vice and roughness in the face of the Canaries’ offensives – Alvaro Gonzalez today received the apologies from the former Monegasque and Parisian who became a radio host. ” I used an inappropriate word about Alvaro’s playing style. This adjective has been misunderstood, so I withdraw it. I apologize to Alvaro and the people who took this for an insult », Says Jérôme Rothen, live.

Riolo justifies the words used

His co-workers, Daniel Riolo and Gilbert Brisbois, justified the terms used earlier on social networks. ” We have always used this expression and for much more prestigious players. It was even a compliment for Alvaro “, Judge the first. ” The history of football is made of players who play by the rules and we like that! Eric Di Meco conceptualized the idea », Adds the second, addressing Jacques Cardoze.

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