Reverter: “We are fifteen years late”

Joan Laporta has presented with Ferran Reverter, CEO of the FCB, the referendum to be held on December 19, in which the members of the Barça club must ratify the decision of the Assembly to authorize the Board to obtain a financing up to 1,500 million for the project of Espai Barça. So much Laporta What Reverser They have reiterated the need for the ‘yes’ to win for the club’s economic viability and to be able to continue competing with the greats of Europe, regardless of the urgency of remodeling the Camp Nou.

Reverser recalled that already in 2003 the first Board of Laporta He raised the reform of the Barça stadium and for this reason he pointed out that “we are fifteen years late.” He compared the situation at the Camp Nou with that of other clubs and explained that “58 clubs have renovated their stadiums and 67 have more modern stadiums than ours. In LaLiga, 7 of the 9 stadiums with capacity for more than 40,000 spectators have been renovated, the only thing missing is Valencia and Barça. Everyone has done their homework. ”

Thus, Reverser He doesn’t even want to think about a negative vote in the referendum: “I don’t want to be catastrophic, but it would be very bad news. Because the stadium also needs an urgent reform, I want to think that the partners will understand and share our decision.” The general director of the club explained that the calculation of 1,500 million “is quite realistic” and explained that 900 will go to the stadium. The idea is to start the works at the Camp Nou next summer and finish them at the end of 2025. During the end of the first season and throughout the second, Barça would have to play in another stadium and Reverser confirmed that Montjuic remains the most likely option, although he admitted that “we are also studying other internal options, because we always prefer to play at home.” While the works last, areas of the stadium will be partially closed and members will have to rotate to attend the games.

Reverser confirmed that it will almost certainly be Goldman sachs who finances the project and the idea of ​​the club is “to generate an additional 200 million euros each year, of which a third would go to the project and the rest to the ordinary expenses of the club.” The idea is to look for financing with good interests and that nothing is paid during the five years that the works last, it would be paid during the following 30 years. I make it clear Reverser that “the project is financed by itself” and explained that the 200 million will come from the new VIP boxes, from the technological sponsors, from the ‘naming rights’, from the concerts to be held at the Nou Palau and also from what will generate the new Campus Barça and the restoration.

The general director of the Barça club recalled that “we are going to maintain the red lines of the 2014 project, that it does not cost members money, that it does not endanger sports management and that the club’s assets will not be mortgaged as collateral”.

Joan Laporta, who made the presentation before the appearance of Reverser, encouraged the partners to a high participation: “We want to encourage participation and open it to partners from all over the world. It will make us stronger, there will be a great participation for sure.” The Barça president concluded his speech by stating that “we know that the approval of this project will be a very important legacy for our children, grandchildren, etc … If we all vote, we will win.”

Voting will be on December 19 (from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.) and it will be done exclusively electronically, open to all club members of legal age and with at least one year of seniority. Voting will be done through the platform Minsait, of the Indra company, as explained Juanma Tabero placeholder image, director of systems and digital transformation of the FCB.

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