Reverter plays hide and seek with the Camp Nou works

It was not said in the Assembly of delegates, it is not counted in the Exhibition of the Espai Barça And neither did he tell it yesterday Ferran Reverter, the general director of the Club, in his explanatory economic spiel. Two weeks before the crucial referendum, the Club still did not give vital information to the members: Where will the club play? Barça during the four seasons that the works of the Camp Nou?

Finally, at the question of the journalists, the partners got an answer. During the season 2022-23 only the rostrum will remain, the 2023-24 The entire stadium will be closed and, in principle, the 2024-25 and the 2025-26 the hobby will return to the field, by sectors. To be damaging the 83,500 subscribers likewise, they plan to rotate among the partners. Immediately the following question arose: And in that season 2023-24, where are you going to play? There, Reverser, he hid the ball again. He said that in a few weeks it would be known. That is, they wait for the referendum to pass to announce the only possible option within the city of Barcelona: play in the Olympic Stadium during an entire campaign. In time, we will also know that, most likely, it will be for more than one season. But this is not said either, waiting for the massive yes of the referendum that asks to borrow in 1.5 billion. Let them not suffer so much. The approval will be by a vast majority, but do not play hide and seek with the partners.

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