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“Real Madrid has been really good with Bale”

Morientes and Iron have participated in an activity organized by LaLiga: a soccer-tennis match in which they faced Álex Corretja and Alberto Berasategui.

Morientes responded to criticism from Barnett to the Real Madrid fans whom he called “disgusting” for their treatment of Bale. “If he says it, it will be because he thinks so, I think the opposite. I think Madrid has been really good with him. They do not owe him any monthly payment today, he has played games, when he has been injured he has been treated. Madrid always treats all the players well and I say it from experience ”, said Morientes.

The former player also spoke of Madrid’s classification for the eighth of the Champions. “You always suffer, as it has to be. In that competition, the one who does not suffer is because something strange is doing, or is doing it very, very well. Sometimes you face theoretically inferior rivals, but nowadays any game can be difficult for you. It is true that Madrid is solid, also in the league, and is in a positive dynamic. The fans can be happy because it is what they play ”.

Morientes also referred to the situation of Barcelona and Atlético in the Champions League.. “I am more surprised about Atlético because Barça is having a complex and committed start, and it can be normal, although it is not a comfortable situation for a team like Barcelona. Atlético calls my attention a little more. The group is complicated , but there are always some surprises, you have to be careful, “he said.

Morientes He confessed that what he likes the most about Real Madrid is that “in November, a complicated month in recent years in terms of results and classification, it is showing itself to be very solid. It is true that the seasons are played from February to April, when you have to give your chest, see the management of the coach, the dressing room, injuries and moments of form. But today, Madrid is up in the League and also in the Champions League ”, he declared.

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