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Real Madrid | Courtois stops and Benzema scores, but it’s not the same

The Rreal madrid won the last Champions League thanks to two decisive aspects: Courtois and Benzema. He Belgian stopped everything he had to stop and the Frenchman scored everything he had to score. This year, things have changed. Courtois continues to save, as he demonstrated against Liverpool, but Benzema has a lot of trouble scoring. What last year entered easily, now does not enter.

It’s nothing new that this season, Benzema It’s not the one from the past. Injuries, what happened in the World Cup, age or whatever, but this Benzema is a long way from the one who won the Ballon d’Or last season. He tries, always looking for the goal, but he can’t find it or, at least, it costs him much more than last year.

A few days ago, it was one year since the comeback against PSG in the Champions League. A meeting in which Benzema f.He was the author of the ‘hat trick’ that gave him a pass to the quarterfinals of the Champions League. Today, the French striker scored, yes, but it’s not the same. He had up to two clear chances to beat Alisson, but what happened a year entered as if it did not cost, now, it costs a lot, a lot.

And all this, without a release of guarantees for Benzema andn the bench, Real Madrid can pay for it in the following rounds of the Champions League. Or not, because this team is used to miracles and Benzema can star in the next one. Who knows.

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