Ramos’ “very special day”


  • 1/12

    ASSE vs PSG

    The vice-champions of France won against Saint-Etienne (1-3) during the 15th day of L1.

  • 2/12

    Sergio ramos

    For his big first under the colors of PSG, the Spanish defender played the entire game. Promising.

  • 3/12

    Neymar and Messi

    The Brazilian thought he opened the scoring but his goal was refused for an offside position (5th).

  • 4/12


    He opened the scoring in the first period.

  • 5/12


    The defender of the Greens saw red at the end of the first period.

  • 6/12


    The Parisian captain sounded the revolt of his family by equalizing with his head (45th + 2).

  • 7/12

    Lionel messi

    Inconstant in the game, the Argentine was able to be decisive by delivering three assists.

  • 8/12

    Etienne Green

    The goalkeeper of the Greens has saved ASSE on several occasions.

  • 9/12

    Angel Di Maria

    The Argentine left-hander gave the advantage to the Parisians (79th).

  • 10/12

    Kylian Mbappé

    Bondy’s kid lacked efficiency in front of goal.

  • 11/12


    The international Auriverde offered himself a double header.

  • 12/12


    The Brazilian came out with an injury at the end of the match. Hit in the ankle, he should not play again in 2021.

Sergio Ramos did not shy away from his pleasure after his successful return to Saint-Etienne on Sunday as part of the 15th day of Ligue 1.

Sergio ramos can be relieved. After nearly six months after arriving at PSG, the Spanish defender has finally played his first match with the capital club. A release for the former player of the real Madrid, whose year 2021 has been rotten by repeated physical glitches.

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This match against Saint Etienne, won in pain by the Parisians (1-3), therefore had a very special flavor for the 2010 world champion. The Andalusian defender also recognized it easily at the end of the meeting. “It’s a unique feeling. I am very happy and satisfied. It’s a very special day for me after spending so much time without playing. It is important for me to have contributed to help the team, to be here with the group and to have played 90 minutes ”, he also confided at the end of the meeting on the official website of the PSG.

“Everything went well in this first match, over time we will get to know each other even better and that will give us even more strength on the pitch”, he added.

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