Ramos, it’s worse than expected!

Already absent against Nice on Wednesday night, Sergio Ramos will also miss the trip from Paris Saint-Germain to Lens. The Spaniard can definitely not chain matches …

Naively, we had believed that the soap opera Sergio ramos was finished. To see the rather dashing Spanish defender last weekend in Saint-Etienne, one could think that the former captain of Real Madrid was finally physically ready, and that his Parisian adventure was finally launched. But with Ramos, we must beware of any hasty conclusions.

On the pitch last Sunday, in Geoffroy-Guichard, Ramos was back in the stands on Wednesday evening for the reception of Nice, ” too weary “ to continue in the words of Mauricio Pochettino. But the 2010 world champion, absent from training this Friday, will not be traveling to Lens Saturday night. “Sergio Ramos, whose workload has been adapted for muscle fatigue following the resumption in competition, will resume training with the group on Sunday”, indicates the PSG in its medical press release.

So it’s worse than expected for Ramos. While one could doubt the fact that he could chain two games in a row, the former Madrid player, obviously, is only able to play one game in three, at best, as it stands. And yet, it is not over yet. Nothing says Ramos will be on the pitch next Tuesday in the Champions League for a game against Brugge without any real stake. It would indeed compromise for the beautiful poster against Monaco, the following Sunday …

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