Qatar 2022: It looks (very) bad for the Blues

For the third time in its history, the World Cup will take place neither in Europe, nor on the American continent …

All eyes will be on Qatar a year from now. On November 21, 2022, the 22nd World Cup will be kicked off there. A necessarily historic meeting for the emirate, designated at the expense of the United States in December 2010. For the third time in its history, the World Cup will therefore be held far from Europe and the American continent, its original cradles. Which does not bode well for the Blues…

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If it is already clear that a great football nation will fail, Italy and Portugal risk having to do battle in the play-off finals in the Europe zone, France will certainly be present. . Coming out at the top of their group, Didier Deschamps’ troops are even guaranteed to be seeded in the draw scheduled for April 1, which is not the assurance of a lenient draw. But in view of the two previous editions of the World Cup which took place outside Europe and America, the Blues can be worried.

Painful memories

In 2002, when the World Cup left its original cradles for the first time to be held in Japan and South Korea, the French team, yet defending champion and winner of the Euro two years earlier, no ‘had not even passed the pitfall of the first round, being surprised by Senegal in the opening match (0-1) before drawing a draw against Uruguay (0-0) and a new defeat against Denmark (2-0). Despite an offensive strike force unlike any other – Henry, Trezeguet, Cissé – the Blues left the competition without having scored a single goal.

Eight years later, the World Cup was held for the first time in Africa and the memory of this South African world is even more painful for France. Because to the results there also disastrous with a draw against Uruguay (0-0) and two defeats against Mexico (2-0) and South Africa (2-1), was added the terrible episode from the bus to Knysna. A humiliation in mondovision for French football.

If they will hardly be able to do worse in Qatar, the men of Didier Deschamps, who will be thirsty for revenge after the failure of the Euro, will hardly be able to do worse …

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