Qatar 2022: An assumed homophobia

Boss of the organizing committee for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Nasser Al Khater fully accepts the anti-homosexuality laws of his country.

Here is a stone in the garden of Fifa. The parent company of world football advocates tolerance and equality through the game – values ​​inevitably undermined by the fresh speech by Nasser Al Khater, the executive director of Qatar 2022, the organizing committee of the next Cup of the world, which in an interview with CNN Sport justifies the Qatari laws in force against homosexuals.

Qatar is no different from any other society in the world. It is a society where homosexuality is not allowed. Public displays of affection are frowned upon, and this applies to everyone. Qatar is a modest country and that is the only thing that must be respected. Apart from that, everyone is free to live their life », Considers the person concerned. ” Qatar and the surrounding countries are much more modest and conservative. This is what we ask fans to respect. We are sure they will. Just as we respect different cultures, we expect them to do the same with ours.

Unauthorized displays of affection in public

According to the laws of the emirate, homosexuals face prison terms. A situation denounced by the Australian player Josh Cavallo, hailed recently for having taken the step of “coming out” while he remains in activity. The latter, thus, does not hide his ” fear To play in Qatar. ” We welcome him here in Qatar, breathes Nasser Al Khater. We even invite him to come and visit the country before the World Cup. No one feels threatened here, no one feels threatened. I think this perception of danger is due to the many accusations and the news that give a negative outlook on the country.

And to add as to members of the LGBTQ + community likely to travel to Qatar next fall to attend the 2022 World Cup: ” They will come to Qatar as supporters of a football tournament. They can do what any other human being would do. But Qatar remains conservative in terms of showing affection in public. “A conclusion which speaks volumes, and which does not prevent the ambassador of the next World Cup from complaining about the media treatment of his country:” Whatever the facts, people must also recognize the responsibilities Qatar has taken to move forward, enact laws, protect workers’ rights and their well-being. But whatever Qatar puts forward, the acceleration of progress in the country is never reflected, it is never something that is communicated …

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