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PSG avoided a Mbappé-Real Madrid summit at the Ballon d’Or gala

A gala with as many stars together per square meter as the ones it managed to gather France Football in his delivery of the Golden Ball it is always a favorable place for countless stories to be woven behind the scenes. And more, if there are actors of such relevance in sports news such as the Real Madrid and Kylian Mbappé, suspected of wanting to join their paths in the future.

Without going any further, a real madridismo myth like Zidane began its story in the Real Madrid thanks to a message on a napkin that Florentino Pérez He gave her at an event similar to the one last Monday in Paris.

However, times have changed, cameras have eyes everywhere and these tactics can no longer go underground. Even more so if, as happened in Paris, Mbappe was guarded by its president, Al-Khelaïfi and its sports director, Leonardo. A Praetorian Guard who did not Emilio Butragueño, white emissary, to approach the French pearl more than to, perhaps, congratulate him and tell him with his thought everything that he could not with words.

A month and a day to be ‘free’

So, just one month and one day after Mbappe is in the last six months of his contract and therefore is free to negotiate with any club, there was no real summit for his signing, although one more day was deducted from the calendar so that the time comes for him to wear white and, perhaps one day he will go up on stage to collect the award that he now sees from the stalls or, even, he will deliver from the lectern to an already historic Spanish soccer player like Alexia putellas.

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