Pique’s big punchline on Real Madrid


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    Gerard Pique

    Gerard Pique at Real Madrid?

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    Gerard Pique

    “Rather die!” He said.

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    Gerard Pique

    Emblematic figure of FC Barcelona, ​​the Catalan defender has a real hatred towards the Merengue club.

Gerard Pique has shown his sense of formula when discussing a possible departure for Real Madrid.

Emblematic figure of FC Barcelona for over a decade has never mince words regarding the real Madrid, the reviled rival, regularly pointing the finger at the alleged arbitration favors which would benefit the club merengue.

Also, interviewed at the microphone of the El Hormiguero program on the Antena 3 channel, the 2010 world champion brushed aside a possible departure from Real Madrid, as suggested by his interlocutor. ” VSis absolutely impossible. There is nothing. I’d rather die than go to Madrid », He launched. The message has the merit of being clear.

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