Piqué asked for head and his teammates caught after 1-2

One of the reasons for the signing of Dani alves, which from January will reinforce Barça’s right lane at 38 years old, was the confirmation by Xavi Hernandez and of his technical body of the lack of experience in the Barcelona first team. Remembering recent matches, still with Ronald Koeman as a coach or with Sergi Barjuan interim, there had been errors typical of a team with few draws at times when there was a shot of personal baggage: a tactical foul to cut a goal play (as in that of Vinicius that originated the 0-1 in the Classical or in the goal of Rioja against Alavés), cutting the opponent’s rhythm when they are not comfortable on the pitch (something that was not done at Wanda) … In addition to trying to improve positional play and other technical and tactical aspects, there are some of the necessary corrections that the new coach is working on. And in that line the message of Pique to his teammates after 1-2 of Memphis in the 88th minute at the Estadio de la Cerámica on Saturday against Villarreal in a game that ended 1-3.

“Guys, head, more than ever head. Easy, eh. Play with time, no rush. Fouls, we throw ourselves to the ground, everything, eh everything, eh. Easy, we cannot lose these three points, kids”, was what that PiqueActing as a veteran, he asked his teammates on the way to the center of the field, according to the TV3 cameras.

At stake was the first away victory of the League and possibly the words of Pique they helped to get it.

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