Photos.. An elderly fan documented all Messi’s goals by hand in a notebook

Mastrangelo’s hobby, who works in the chocolate industry, has attracted the attention of the media and the Argentine star himself.

and record Messi, who recently celebrated winning the Copa America soccer tournament with Argentina, posted a video and sent it to Mastrangelo with a thank you note.

Mastrangelo told Reuters: “I sought to document all the goals Messi scored. I followed him with passion. I watch all the matches and if I don’t get a chance to watch any match, I know the result from my grandson.”

Mastrangelo does not like to use cell phones and computers and has been recording Messi goals Handwritten, where he was writing the date of the match and the name of the opposing team to document more than 700 goals scored by Messi during his career.

And when Messi learned of this story during his participation in the Cup Copa America Mastrangelo’s grandson received a phone call from a relative of the Argentine star, thanking him and sending him the video.

Messi said in the video: “Hello Hernan, I heard your story. I can hardly believe that you scored my goals in this way, even I did not keep my goals record like you did, so I wanted to send you a big hug and thank you for what you do. See you later and bye.” .

Mastrangelo was overwhelmed with emotion when the video came to him sitting in his house in the suburbs Buenos Aires.

“I don’t think Messi said that to a lot of people,” he said.

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