Perfect environment to dare, by Santi Nolla

xavi he was very good again at the press conference. So much Guardiola, like his own Xavi, and Pique they dominate the media scene and use communication to deliver messages. Yesterday the FC Barcelona coach was very clear and very convincing in fueling the culture of risk and asking his players to dare, even if they lose the ball. Let them try again. That is an interesting variant of the possessive model and one that takes a step forward in the best conception of football. This game is not just passing the ball, it is overflowing, shooting, testing, risking and scoring goals. Xavi has very clear concepts and will be able to carry out his project.

THE NEW TECHNICIAN OF THE BARÇA LIVES in a perfect environment. The majority of Barça fans support him with enthusiasm, they have the unequivocal backing of the president and the Board, also the ability to make their team closer and influence the medical field. The media support is very consistent and there is no oppositional environment, neither organized nor willing to organize. This Barça is an oasis where you can work comfortably, without barriers or sticks on the wheels. So it looks good.

THE COSTUME HAS ALSO OVERTURNED. Piqué even declared that morally he must give more to Xavi than to anyone else, in a controversial statement, since what footballers have to give is to Barça, not to someone in particular, but it reflects the spirit of a dressing room in which the friendship also with Busquets forms a very powerful group of influence before some young people without weight in the dressing room but with a lot of hunger. There are no longer trips to the Davis Cup, the players arrive on time and meet to eat and no one complains about the intensity of the training sessions. The road is good. That is where Barça must walk. It is a pleasure to hear Xavi say that one of the essential issues of the team is to compete with maximum intensity. Paints well

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