Pedri: “My year is spectacular”

Pedri gonzalez he was excited after the Ballon d’Or gala, in which he recycled the Kopa Award to the player under 21 years of age: “For me it means a lot to come to this gala and be surrounded by the best and to be applauded,” he said. Shortly after having a memory for the Canary Island of La Palma for the volcanic eruption that has been suffering for weeks, the midfielder explained that “remember La Palma It is a pride as it is to be a Canarian, they deserve help because they are having a bad time and all help is good. “And he remembered Messi:” He has helped me a lot the year I was with him, I enjoyed his company and I appreciate everything I’ve learned from him on and off the field. Leo is a player who determines a lot. The best in the world. Personally, I have to try to improve myself day by day and be the best possible. “

Pedri considers that “my year is spectacular. Everything that could have lived I have done. I have very good experiences. I have improved as a person and a footballer and grateful to the things that are touching me to live. “And he assures that” I do not have vertigo, I have never had it. Winning these awards is a source of pride and makes you want to do better and help the team in whatever way you can. “

About your new coach, with whom you have not played yet, affirmed that “I really want to enter the field with Xavi as coach. He has very clear ideas. The keys to my good season have been the captains and that when I was little I saw Barça and I have been a culé all my life and that it helps to know what the club is like. “

Consider that “Barça is doing things well. In the squad there are young people with a great future and that helps the quarry, where very talented footballers have always come out. It is a pride that there are so many young people because gives a lot of life to the team”.

See a team with a future: “The future of Barça is big. Young people work for that, to make it the best possible. I’m glad to see people like Gavi and Nico because they bring life to the team. They are very talented and they deserve to be there. “

AND he remembered his family after receiving the award: “I always try to wear it normally. My family helps me a lot, they want me to have my feet on the ground and I am grateful to them for all their advice. The day has been busy, but I have not had time for anything. I have come with calm and enthusiasm to be surrounded by the best players and happy for this award. It is appreciated after so much effort and sacrifice ”.

Regarding the wear and tear, he stated that “I never think that I have played too much because it is what I like and I am happy when I am in the field. I have to recover well and time will tell when I am available. “

And, about the Ballon d’Or and if one day he can win it, he stated that “to win a Ballon d’Or is what every footballer wants. Hopefully I can get a chance to win it one day, but it’s a long way off and I have a lot of work to do. “

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